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My God has a plan and it will be grand!

One day I went to the door t look out to see if it had snowed.  I found a notice from the post office for a certified letter from where I work.  It was too late to go to the post office it was closed til Monday.  I had all weekend to think about what was in it.   In the eleven years, I had worked there, I had never known them to send a certified letter.   My thoughts raced, what could it be?

Could they have sent me a certified letter to tell me they have reorganized and eliminated my job?  I have seen them eliminate my boss, supervisors, management, directors etc.  They never sent a certified letter,  just let them come into work and told them, gave time to collect things and escorted them out.

Was the letter about someone suing me and it was letting me know they were garnishing my wages?  Being in remission from cancer for three and half years, I had tried to keep up and pay bills.  I have not received any letter telling me I will be sued if not paid.  Have made arrangements for paying the ones have received.  They were not certified.  Work would just call you into office and tell you about it anyway not go through the trouble and expense of sending a certified letter to you, would they?

I had recently had tests done, MRI, C T, etc.  done for fractured pelvis caused by chemo weakening my bones.  Maybe since I work at a hospital where my oncologist and treatment center is, could they have sent the letter to inform me they found cancer?  No that can’t be, the doctor who ordered the test said was ok.  What if they found something later?  No, my doctor always calls and leaves a message to call him about that stuff.

What can the letter be about?   My mind is freaking out.  If it is about losing my job  I need to start making plans in my mind what to do.  Have lot rent to pay, utilities to pay, and other living expenses, not to mention bills.

Stop! I am getting myself all worked up for nothing, I have not gotten the letter yet.  Must not let my imagination get ahead of me,  Besides I am sure my main man God has a plan.

Yes not to fear  God works things for your good.  We never know what’s ahead, or why things happen as they do, but God does,   God can see the things ahead and it is in his plan to work it all so we can be happy and loved for all eternity.

Yes my God has a plan and it will be grand.

I need to relax and have faith.  Just trust him to provide and work it all out.  Whatever the letter is about.  Worst case, I lose my job it will be ok, he will provide.  Even if I end up losing my home and am homeless, I know I need to trust even unto death.  For there is a reason in Gods mind for what’s happening to me.  It’s in his plan to teach me (what will I learn that helps me to do his will in His plan?) creating a situation where I can be used in his great plan of salvation for everyone.

Whatever happens, when I receive the letter Monday, I am his servant and he will create the circumstances for him to use me as he wills.  It’s my part in his plan to love and obey and trust him as my provider.  I know he loves me enough to have given his son to die for me so that I can have everlasting life without worry and hardships.  He is my protector who will only let harm come to me so that others may live, and as I will live for all eternity.  Most of all I need to remember he is my loving father who only wants good to come to all his children.  Like a loving parent,  he has planned ahead a great plan for everyone’s good.

So knowing this, that my God has a plan and it will be grand, I will trust and place my hand in his so he can lead me through it.

You can let him lead you through it,  just take him as your savior, protector, provider, father.  It’s simple to do,  just ask him to forgive you of past and present sins, repent (truly not wanting to go back to sin) accept him as your lord and savior, know he died for you to save you and has paid the  price for your sins through his death on the cross because he loves you and want to give you life eternal.  Next find a Bible believing church and go learn more of him.

Short-sighted or long-sighted which are you?

Fran C HWhen I was younger, I failed my cosmetology exam because I was immature and short-sighted.  The high school I went to was a  vocational school for girls.  One of two vocational schools in the city at the time.  The boy’s vocational school across the small street dividing the two buildings was the second.  Students were chosen from freshmen students picked from all the city high schools.  In order to attend you had to rank high on the test administered to all public school students who wished to attend.   Students were given bus passes to take the public transportation back and forth to school.  Having spent the require the first year of high school at your home school learning basic subjects, you then spent three years learning a vocational trade.  I chose cosmetology which was in demand.  In our senior year,  we went to Columbus Ohio to take our exams to become licensed beauticians.  The scores were included in our final grades to graduate from high school.  To make a long story short it lasted two days, so an overnight stay was required. The First day of arrival was written test, next day worked on people with examiners watching.

I have been a loner all my life.   It has always been hard not having the social skills to make and keep friends.  I had one friend during childhood.  The night between exams, some students (immature like me) spent the night horsing around instead of studying.  I was so elated that these same girls who shunned me for three years, wanted to include me in their fun and games.  I joined in instead of studying and preparing for the test.  The students who were long-sighted refrained from the festivity.   Seeing the need to apply themselves now in order to obtain a living so they could have future enjoyments.

Needless to say, the short-sighted seen only the present rewards and enjoyments.    The shortsighted failed the exams.  The long-sighted passed, graduated and honored their families.  Us short-sighted caused shame and dishonor to ourselves and family.

Especially my mother who went with me to be my model.  My mother had to round up money for us to go there.  A single mother raising five children under poor circumstances.  Sadly, at the time I was absorbed in myself and own wants.  I wasn’t considering how my actions were affecting her, others or harming my future and my future family.

This is how it is with the present day people.   Many are short-sighted throwing away their future joy and happiness, to live in fulfillment of present day wants.  Not seeing with long-sightedness the future eternal continuance of constant heavenly joy and security.

I pray that unbelievers will put on spiritual glasses to change their short-sightedness into long-sighted.   To see their need to study and learn of Jesus Christ.   Accept his salvation thru death on cross and resurrection as God’s gift of grace.  When they truly believe and repent, they will become long-sighted and secure their future long term in God’s eternal kingdom.

Fran c H