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Short-sighted or long-sighted which are you?

Fran C HWhen I was younger, I failed my cosmetology exam because I was immature and short-sighted.  The high school I went to was a  vocational school for girls.  One of two vocational schools in the city at the time.  The boy’s vocational school across the small street dividing the two buildings was the second.  Students were chosen from freshmen students picked from all the city high schools.  In order to attend you had to rank high on the test administered to all public school students who wished to attend.   Students were given bus passes to take the public transportation back and forth to school.  Having spent the require the first year of high school at your home school learning basic subjects, you then spent three years learning a vocational trade.  I chose cosmetology which was in demand.  In our senior year,  we went to Columbus Ohio to take our exams to become licensed beauticians.  The scores were included in our final grades to graduate from high school.  To make a long story short it lasted two days, so an overnight stay was required. The First day of arrival was written test, next day worked on people with examiners watching.

I have been a loner all my life.   It has always been hard not having the social skills to make and keep friends.  I had one friend during childhood.  The night between exams, some students (immature like me) spent the night horsing around instead of studying.  I was so elated that these same girls who shunned me for three years, wanted to include me in their fun and games.  I joined in instead of studying and preparing for the test.  The students who were long-sighted refrained from the festivity.   Seeing the need to apply themselves now in order to obtain a living so they could have future enjoyments.

Needless to say, the short-sighted seen only the present rewards and enjoyments.    The shortsighted failed the exams.  The long-sighted passed, graduated and honored their families.  Us short-sighted caused shame and dishonor to ourselves and family.

Especially my mother who went with me to be my model.  My mother had to round up money for us to go there.  A single mother raising five children under poor circumstances.  Sadly, at the time I was absorbed in myself and own wants.  I wasn’t considering how my actions were affecting her, others or harming my future and my future family.

This is how it is with the present day people.   Many are short-sighted throwing away their future joy and happiness, to live in fulfillment of present day wants.  Not seeing with long-sightedness the future eternal continuance of constant heavenly joy and security.

I pray that unbelievers will put on spiritual glasses to change their short-sightedness into long-sighted.   To see their need to study and learn of Jesus Christ.   Accept his salvation thru death on cross and resurrection as God’s gift of grace.  When they truly believe and repent, they will become long-sighted and secure their future long term in God’s eternal kingdom.

Fran c H